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Minh Tran & Company


"Choreography that lingers most insistently in the mind's eye..."
~ Wilma Salisbury, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Minh Tran's generous dancing and beautifully crafted dances were a pleasure to behold."
~ Bonnie Simoa, The Register-Guard

"Minh Tran's Furious Angels blew the lid off the program's first half."
~ Anne Herman, Anchorage Daily News

"Minh Tran & Company is an exhilarating experience in dance."
~ Jack Neal, Nevada Events & Reviews

"The Vietnamese-American artist quite successfully laminated ritualistic Asian opera dance onto the explosive movement vocabulary associated with contemporary American choreography, resulting in work that was uniquely and dynamically his."
~ Martha Ullman West, Dance Magazine

"In his solo, Ancestor, Minh Tran wielded a cane that seemed a metaphor for the ages of man. His performance, by turns contemplative and seductive, percussive and lyrical, riveted."
~ Richard Speer, Willamette Week

"The reward is seeing quiet stunners such as guest choreographer Minh Tran's new Furious Angels. Tran's dance has a breaking point, when it shifts from a slow, gestural meditation for five dancers into a hard, even harsh, slash of manic fury. Tran has been experimenting with East Asian inflections for years, and this is a breakthrough dance, a mix of urban edge and ancient ritual that contrasts those against each other in sudden, electric pops. "
~ Catherine Thomas, Oregonian

"A style that is an idiosyncratic fusion of traditional Chinese opera movement and Western postmodern dance."
~ Martha Ullman West, Oregonian

"There is something reminiscient of traditional Vietnamese dance here, of formalistic shapes lifted off an ancient fresco. At the same time, this work is firmly rooted in minimalist tradition."
~ David Lyman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"This mix of ancient ceremonial dance and urban edginess began in a slow meditative fashion, shifting into an agitated frenzy and driving to an exhilierating finish. Tran's choreogrpahy is strong and his images linger in the mind long after the performance."
~ Geri Jeter, Las Vegas Weekly

"Tran's dance technique is both precise and fast-flowing, and he's blessed with confident, complex inner musical rhythms."
~ Jean Lenihan, Seattle Weekly

"Descending was mesmerizing."
~ Jack Neal, Nevada Events & Reviews

"If life is a dance, then this dancer/choreographer's command of movement bespeaks an enormous range of experience as well as talent."
~ Risa Krive, Just Out

"Tran is back, that means the quicksilver moves, the fluid grace and the search for cultural and personal identity that have marked Tran's dancing and choreography in town, are back, too."
~ Barry Johnson, Oregonian

Minh Tran & Company in Descending
Minh Tran & Company

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